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BE RESPONSIBLE: Please use your medicine in a respectful and responsible way. Please do not
smoke cannabis on the street or by our front door.

No RESELLING, NO SHARING. We provide medicinal cannabis for you only. Any reselling or
sharing of your medicine is forbidden. If you are caught reselling any products purchased from
The Downstem, you will be permanently banned form receiving services.

TRAVEL: Do not take your medicine outside of Canada.

IMPAIRMENT: Cannabis may potentially cause a temporary decrease in coordination and
cognitive abilities, and short-term memory loss while medicated. Do not drive or operate heavy
machinery if impaired by cannabis products. Be especially careful of impairment when eating
cannabis products or using extracts. Do not eat cannabis products before swimming or driving.

ALCOHOL: Cannabis mixed with alcohol may cause vomiting and nausea. We recommend
limiting or stopping your intake of alcohol when using cannabis products.

IRRITATION: Heavy smoking with no harm reduction techniques may lead to respiratory

WITHDRAWAL: There are no significant withdrawal effects when cannabis use is ceased or
decreased, however minor restlessness, nausea and fatigue may be experienced. Symptom
relief will also decrease or be decreased

THE LAW: It is still illegal in Canada to possess, grow or distribute cannabis. Know your rights
and take precautions to avoid the harmful effects of arrest, cannabis seizure, imprisonment and
criminal record.

I accept that The Downstem makes no guarantees or medical claims, and I hereby agree for
myself, my heirs and executors, to waive any claims against The Downstem and its employees.